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WWE SmackDown Preview:

* Wrestemania Kickoff Fallouts.
* Roman , Rock & Cody Triangle Story Build Continues For Wrestlemania.
* Elimination Chamber Perth Qualifying Match – Michin vs. Bianca Belair
* TagTeam Championship Match – Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate vs. #DIY – ( Gargano & Ciampa )
* Nick Aldis to reveal Logan Paul’s next challenger
* Whats next for Tiffany Statton.
* More Cards


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  • Carlos Vega#I Want Cody! 1 week ago

    When The Rock beat Kinder’s Ass, The said maybe he should sit at the head of the table.
    Even single person was excited. Not Me!
    My comment about WWE says somethings happening then famous doing something else.
    Everyone called me crazy for saying that Rock vs Reigns wouldn’t happen!
    Then I’m actually correct and I’m still being called crazy cause you’ve NOT READ comment sections.

    • Carlos Vega#I Want Cody! 1 week ago

      I’ve never wanted the Rock, His Cody Crybaby was thrown back in your guys faces and then incorrectly Ya think that I want Rock now?
      How’s about you KISS MY ASS

      All I Am Saying is #Carlos Was CORRECT

  • Mr.MIKEE 1 week ago

    I’d like to see The Man beat down Mommy

  • Carlos Vega 1 week ago

    I’m actually looking for My Apologies from ALL those Morons who said that I was CRAZY for the “Rock vs Reigns” wouldn’t happen!
    It’s Really Funny that I am πŸ’― CORRECT!
    This is for All those Keyboard Hero’s

    • Mr.MIKEE 1 week ago

      I’m sorry that nobody is gonna apologize for you being technically correct
      Rock vs Reigns vs Cody vs Seth would mean that
      Rock vs Reigns would kinda still be happening!

      • Carlos Vega#I Want Cody! 1 week ago

        Mr MIKEE is probably somewhat correct TOO
        There’s probably gonna happen but soon and NOT at WrestleMania…

        • Carlos Vega#I Want Cody! 1 week ago

          Sorry To ALL You keyboard Heroes,
          I meant to say at Tag Team Match!

          Does that mean I want Rock Now?
          IDIOTS & MORONS

    • JohnJ 1 week ago

      A broken clock is correct twice a day, don’t get too excited about it.

      • Carlos Vega 1 week ago

        Or maybe JohnJ,
        It’s My Clock that’s correct and everyone else’s clocks that were and are still incorrect!
        It’s A BIG crybaby, like A RockyCryBaby kinda thingy. If you’re actually a true fan of WWE, You would know that it’s 9times out of 10 it’s NEVER going to be what they’re saying that is what’s truly happening, RIGHT?
        Then why I’m pointing this out during The Rock’s first time back and CORRECT, am I called Insane?
        Broken Clock, I don’t think So

    • Stold Cone 1 week ago

      Except that your 100% wrong and roman vs rock absolutely osnt happening. Lol. Rock doesnt wrestle anymore, hes only back to make ppl talk n for d big money, like always, when will u realise that? Rock vs roman was never happening lol, it was always cody roman from the very beginning lol.

      • Carlos Vega the rock ass kisser 1 week ago

        Youre the only keyboard warrior visible here whos a die hard DJ fan and desperately wants rock x roman lol, keep dreaming. No ones gonna apologize to u even if u were right(which u arent) get a life

        • Carlos Vega 1 week ago

          I was the one guy said it WAS NOT HAPPENING…
          Take the time read stuff before doing your KEYBOARD HERO CRAP!

          The Guy I’d never kiss is ANY PART-TIMER,
          Rock, Roman, John Cena etc etc

          • Carlos Vega 1 week ago

            Read past post, even just from this Page let alone old ones before your calling me out as wrong
            or that my CLOCKS BROKEN!
            or maybe don’t just jump on your Keyboards HERO’S!