AEW Collision 2023

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AEW, tonight

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  • wefd 1 week ago

    LOVE that okada ospreay and mone are on their way to aew cuz aew DESPERATELY needs them sooner than later

  • ljwdf 1 week ago

    crowd and show sucked ass esp the crowd

  • viewer 1 week ago

    There is something wrong with the streams. It is on UFC streams.

    • Hatreds 1 week ago

      Yeah this is the 4th week in a row the links have been messed up. Do better if you want people to actually donate

      • what is not working ? what issue you guys are facing ?

        • the Collision streams are always showing something that is not Collision lol. right now its showing UFC

        • whoever 1 week ago

          If you tried any of the links that would be very obvious.

          • The links typically take 2 to 5 minutes to be rectified since it’s a live stream, not a Video on Demand (VOD). We usually address any issues with the links as soon as the show commences. If you encounter any difficulties with the links at the outset, please try again within the next 3 to 5 minutes.

            • sdfs 1 week ago

              fuck these lazy ass punk ass bitches you guys are doing your best and these freeloading faggots can eat shit

        • viewer 1 week ago

          Also the fite tv feed has been out and not relinked.

      • kjdf 1 week ago

        stfu u whiny bitch